Bullish Consensus historical data

Bullish Consensus historical data is available in Microsoft Excel 7.0 format. If you need the Bullish Consensus historical data in a different format, then please specify the format when ordering the data. The Bullish Consensus data was compiled weekly from 1969 through October, 1988. The Bullish Consensus data has been compiled daily since October, 1988. Most of the financial futures were added around 1982 through 1983. The data is sent as an attached file. Due to problems with AOL and MSN E-mail, we do not offer the historical data to people using those systems. 

NOTE: There are no refunds given for Historical Bullish Consensus data after it's been sent. 
Current data is $25, prior data is $10 per year.
To order Bullish Consensus historical data via E-mail, print this text file, fill it out and fax it to: (626) 795-7654


Description SKU # Price
current data HIST $25
prior years HIST $10/year